Brand Consultation

This is a quick overview of your branding and marketing strategies. I’ll do some research on your brand, market, audience, and competitors and we’ll set up a phone call to discuss my findings, work together to create an analysis of your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. This is called a SWOT analysis and is a common and useful tool in marketing. The SWOT will tell me the state of your brand and your marketing strategy. Over the course of our call, I will provide a few tips that you can act on immediately, and we will assess if you’re a candidate for my comprehensive branding services.


Comprehensive Branding

This includes my complete creative process, business/marketing analysis, and brand strategy, as well as a new logo, sub-branding, business collateral, branding elements, files, and brand guidelines. The branding process takes about three to four weeks, depending on your schedule, my work load, and response times. It’s a bit of hard work on both our parts, but in the end, I will present you with the perfect visual identity for your brand, and you will have a clear path to success planned out.



Website Design and Development

Custom websites built in WordPress, the most versatile and popular content management system on the internet today. A website is an integral part of any successful brand strategy and its role needs to be considered carefully as such. The websites I design are classy, elegant digital spaces that invite consumer interaction and drive conversions. I achieve this with classic design sensibilities and effective imagery along with skillful messaging and a few great developers I can bring on board if I need to.


Social Media Kit

Social Media is the single most important tool that your brand can use to reach a larger audience and engage the customers that you already have. It can help you build a following from nothing. But it requires authenticity, consistency, and genuine engagement from your brand. I can give you the tools and strategies to conquer social media and build your brand following. This includes profile images, timeline pictures for Twitter and Facebook, templates for social media posts, and a customized strategy guide with a strategy for success tailored to your brand.



If you’re ready to take your brand to the next level, let’s get started.