My name is Brian Fritz and I am a branding and marketing specialist. My job is to find the full potential in your company’s branding and provide you with the tools and strategies to make your business a success now and in the future.


I believe in the power of storytelling to build a brand and attract attention as well as business. I strive to bring out the personality of a brand and create marketing strategies based on the personality and core values of your company. I will use authenticity and consistency to help you grow a following, and the power of design to bring out the best in your brand.


I am passionate about design and aim for simplicity and elegance; to say exactly what needs to be said and nothing more. I work with bold, uncompromising brands that want to change their industry, their community, or their world. I create brands with meaning, because meaningful messages reach your audience at a deeper level and create lasting relationships between consumer and brand. My clients are modern-day pioneers, they are authentic, they are free spirits who were born to rock the boat and make the world a better place because of their contributions. These brands deserve nothing less than the best, and that is exactly what I deliver.


If you feel like it’s time to sing your own song, let’s get to work.