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Jewish Federation of Detroit
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Gardens By Marie
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So You Want to Use a QR Code

You heard they’re useful and all the cool brands are posting them up on their marketing materials. The truth is that they can be very useful and make your brand that much more accessible. But before we go adding black and white pixelly boxes all willy-nilly, we should briefly dive into what these neat little […]

A Fancy Resume Has Never Gotten Me Hired

Alright kids, circle ‘round, it’s story time. Once upon a time, there was a young, early-twentysomething designer, setting off on his long journey to becoming an art director and maybe someday, if he worked really hard and made some cool stuff, a creative director. He was excited about the world of design, and wanted to […]

Monkeys and Elephants

A while ago, I wrote a blog based on a phrase I’ve heard and find to be particularly apt for creative work: “Pay Peanuts, Get Monkeys.” While it’s been surprisingly well-received, there has been the occasional obstinate internet user who tells me, quite matter-of-factly, that elephants also enjoy peanuts. I mean, like, monkeys eat bananas […]

How Much Does A Logo Cost?

Today, we’re going to talk about how much a logo is worth and how much you should pay for one.   First, let us dispel of the notion of a cheap logo. No logo is cheap. If you buy a logo for $250, you’re likely to end up replacing it in a year or less. […]

How to Hire a Designer

Here we are. You need something designed – a logo, a t-shirt, a website, an app, whatever – and you don’t know where to go. So you do a quick Google search and sites like 99designs come up. You’ve heard of those contest sites and know to keep away from them. But that still leaves […]

The Painless Portfolio

So you’re a budding designer looking caught in the classic catch-22 of freelance work: you need to show work to get work, but you need to get work in order to show it. The typical thinking is to lower your costs and advertise until someone takes you up on that offer. The line is usually […]

Pay Peanuts, Get Monkeys

Every designer has experienced this problem before: a potential client contacts you about making something for them. It sounds like a nice opportunity, quick work, good deal, right? Except that the client has, for whatever reason, big plans with a tiny budget. They’re offering “exposure” for your work. Exposure is for cameras and I’ve got […]